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AIRE Club #10 Agrobotics workshop @ Estonian University of Life Sciences

The AIRE club of the artificial intelligence and robotics center is a series of events, the goal of which is to create a free and immediate environment for those interested in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence to communicate and network. All interested parties and representatives of industrial companies, research and development institutions, IT and electronics companies, professional associations, support organizations and donors are welcome.

AIRE’s tenth club will be held as part of the Agrorobotics seminar starting on November 15 at 3 pm at the Forestry and Engineering Institute of the Estonian University of Life Sciences in Tartu.
Several experts in the field of robotics and engineering will speak at the seminar.

The seminar is central to robotics solutions used in agriculture, but in today’s interdisciplinary world, all topics are interconnected. Consequently, I encourage all those interested in the AIRE club to take part in the upcoming seminar. There is an opportunity to establish contacts with scientists who know their field and to find solutions for the application of robotics and artificial intelligence in industrial companies. We talk about programming robots and machine vision, how to detect objects and make the device work in an external environment. We present the autonomous or self-driving field robot being developed at the institute and its solutions.

Participation in the AIRE #10 club event is free for all interested parties. The club is in Estonian and you can come during the club or participate in seminars all day.

In the AIRE club, Marten Madissoo (PhD, processing technology) will present
junior professor) AIRE services of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Center for industrial companies.

If you plan to introduce robot solutions or want to learn more about artificial intelligence, feel free to come to the AIRE club event. We are talking about digitization and smart industrial solutions. We help connect you with researchers and experts in the field to contribute to the development of your business

About the opening round of AIRE demo projects: We are waiting for you if your manufacturing company has an idea or a bottleneck that could be solved using AI or robot technology.
You want to make work processes more efficient, but the ready-made solutions offered on the market are not suitable.
We are looking for cooperation with industrial companies in order to jointly implement artificial intelligence and robotics demo projects worth up to 50,000 euros.
We do not distribute financial support, we offer help to university research teams to test a specific solution or to solve some narrow challenges using artificial intelligence.
For example, we have solved challenges with demo projects:
➠ we automated the movement of goods in the packing area of ​​the Kulinaaria OÜ factory in order to increase the logistical speed and production capacity of the factory;
➠ we worked with an artificial intelligence-based support solution to optimize the production process at robot-based workplaces at Alise Technic OÜ;
➠ we developed an artificial intelligence system that can monitor products stored on pallets and associate them with actual labels in Valdek AS;
➠ we developed smart robots that could navigate safely in crowded indoor spaces.

Agrorobotics seminar/workshop @ Estonian University of Life Sciences
On November 15, 2022, starting at 9 a.m
In the technical building of the Forestry and Engineering Institute of the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Kreutzwaldi 56, Tartu
Check out the program:
Researchers and practitioners related to the field will present at the seminar.
09:30-09:50 Registration
09:50- 10:00 Opening/ introducing words
10:00-10:20 How robots are redefining the future of farming.
Dr. Sven Peets, PhD, AIAgrE
Senior Lecturer in Mechatronics in Agricultural Engineering
Engineering Department Harper Adams University
10:40-11:00 Introduction to robot programming with ROS2
Dr. János Tóth, assistant professor
Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Institute of Technology
11:20-11:40 UAS applied to crop phenotyping, variety screening and management practices in Estonia
Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia
11:40-12:00 Title to be specified
Tormi Lillerand
Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia
12:00-12:20 Visual alignment of the agrorobot manipulator to the plant for precision fertilization.
Indrek Virro
Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia
12:00-13:00 Lunch break
13:00-14:00 Tour of the technical house and visiting of the laboratories
14:00-14:20 Bluenet: Convolutional Neural Network for Blueberry Detection.
Dr. Kallo Roy Assistant Professor
Institute of Computer Science University of Tartu
15:00 Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Center AIRE Club
Representatives of various industrial companies share their experiences

Kristjan Türk, head of technology and development department of Foxway OÜ. The main task of the department is to find, develop and implement new production technologies with the aim of increasing the company’s resource efficiency, as well as new equipment repair technologies. During his career, Kristjan has mainly been involved in the design and development of industrial lines.
Tells how they are exposed to robot solutions and why these topics are important to their company.

The artificial intelligence and robotics center AIRE is co-financed by the Digital Europe Program of the European Union (European Digital Innovation Hubs or EDIH program) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (AI & Robotics Estonia – EDIH, project number 101083677).