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AIRE club #11, Kuressaare

Good entrepreneurs!

We invite you to the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Center AIRE club event, where Sporrong Eesti and Incap Estonia will present their inspiring use cases.

In September, the volume of unemployment output in Estonia fell to the level of four years ago, undergoing a 7.5% decline. How to maintain competitiveness in the face of rising input prices, overcome logistics and commodity problems, increase efficiency and maintain quality? What are the consequences of the Ukraine crisis? Should and where to invest? These are the questions that finding the answers will help us out of the slump. One possibility is to increase the level of digitization and thereby apply artificial intelligence and robotics solutions in the company.

The AIRE club in Kuressaare this time focuses on various interesting and inspiring cases in which industrial companies have implemented artificial intelligence or robotics solutions. Let’s hear what prompted these decisions to digitize the industry, how the process was carried out, what benefits and impacts have come from it, what have been the main learning points and setbacks?

15:30 assembly, drinks and snacks
16:00 AIRE club opening:
Andres Sutt (Rigidkogu, AIRE council member)
Kirke Maar (CEO of AIRE)
16:10 Sporrong Estonia: Applying artificial intelligence to transform acid residues into useful tools. Tarmo Beach
16:25 Incap Estonia: challenges to increase the company’s competitiveness
Tit Priske
16:40 Examples of artificial intelligence and robotics solutions from Estonian industrial companies and practical demonstration of AIRE services based on Incap Electronics. Roger Allas (Lean Digital OÜ)
17:00 summaries and references to exciting digitization-related services and supports
17:10 chats, drinks, snacks
Official end of the event at 18:00

The AIRE club in Kuressaare takes place in the Thule Chamber, the Sun room **II floor**

Participation in the AIRE club is free and we ask that you pre-register.

The AIRE club is a series of events aimed at creating a free and immediate environment for those interested in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence to share experiences, communicate and network with each other. All interested parties and representatives of industrial companies, research and development institutions, IT and electronics companies, professional associations, support organizations and donors are welcome.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Center The AIRE center is co-financed by the Digital Europe Program of the European Union (European Digital Innovation Hubs or EDIH program) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (AI & Robotics Estonia – EDIH, project number 101083677).