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During AIRE Club #8, we talked about the use cases of Artificial Intelligence in industry

On September 27, the meeting of AIRE club #8 took place as part of the Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day, in the Viru conference center.

We listened to several eye-opening use cases of artificial intelligence that help industrial companies make production processes more efficient.

Juhan Pukk (Flowit) spoke on the topic: “Production forecasting using artificial intelligence in the German industrial company Nexperia”. Pukk presented how artificial intelligence enables the analysis of large amounts of data, which helps in managing customer relations and planning production, predicting customer behavior and identifying deviations there.

Marko Saviauk (LeanEst) spoke on the topic: “How to make money with AI; from factory success stories through AI solutions”. He gave examples of how artificial intelligence can be used in the wood industry to detect defects in wood material and sort the material, and in addition, what kind of financial win it gives to the industry.

Markus Lippus (MindTitan) spoke on the topic: “”Hepta Airborne user guide for automating technical supervision with machine learning”. Markus introduced a problem detection system for electricity transmission lines, where it is possible to automate technical supervision with the help of AI.

Kristiina Niilits, from EISA, introduced the newly opened Digipoerde support measure. The grant can be found on the EAS website:

Otto Mättas, from AIRE, talked about the starting round of demo projects.

For those who were not there, please note that from November 1, we are waiting for Estonian industrial companies to participate in the open idea round of AIRE demo projects. We invite you to participate if your manufacturing company has an idea or a bottleneck that could be solved with the help of AI or robot technology. You want to make work processes more efficient, but the ready-made solutions offered on the market are not suitable.

The documentation of the demo project round will be available on the AIRE website from November 1. In the meantime, you can check out the spring demo projects on the page:

See you at the next AIRE club, which will take place on October 19 in Tartu, at the Smart Manufacturing Meetup.

AIRE, i.e. AI & Robotics Estonia, is a jointly funded program of the European Union and Ministry of Economic affairs and Communications, which supports digital innovation by supporting the introduction of new artificial intelligence and robotics solutions in industrial companies.