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AIRE club #9 was held at the Smart Manufacturing Meetup on October 19

The ninth club of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Center AIRE was held in Tartu as part of the Smart Manufacturing Meetup industrial conference. Several people related to AIRE, including the creators of the center from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and experts in the field of AIRE AI, spoke at the content-packed industry conference.

In the AIRE club, Otto Mättas, AIRE’s head of artificial intelligence, introduced the round of AIRE demo projects that will open in November.

About the AIRE demo project round: from November 1, we are waiting for Estonian industrial companies to participate in the AIRE demo project idea round. Manufacturing companies with an idea or bottleneck that could be solved using AI or robot technology are welcome. We welcome companies that want to make work processes more efficient, but the ready-made solutions offered on the market are not suitable.
AIRE cooperates with industrial companies to jointly implement artificial intelligence and robotics demo projects worth up to 50,000 euros.
AIRE does not distribute financial support, but offers help to university teams to test a specific solution or solve a narrow challenge using artificial intelligence.
For example, in the spring round of AIRE demo projects, the following challenges were solved in cooperation between companies and universities:
➠ we automated the movement of goods in the packaging area of ​​the Kulinaaria OÜ factory in order to increase the logistical speed and production capacity of the factory;
➠ we worked with an artificial intelligence-based support solution to optimize the production process at robot-based workplaces at Alise Technic OÜ;
➠ we developed an artificial intelligence system that can monitor products stored on pallets and associate them with actual labels in Valdek AS;
➠ we developed smart robots that could navigate safely in crowded indoor spaces.

The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Center AIRE offers advice on ‘Assessment of feasibility of artificial intelligence solutions and company capacity’. The result of artificial intelligence consulting is an expert assessment, including the mapping of the current state of the company, the use of digital technologies and data, the possibility/prerequisites and practicality of implementing artificial intelligence solutions.

AI consulting is conducted by Lauri Antalainen in Tartu Science Park. Registration on the AIRE website:

On the AIRE website you can find information on all AIRE services for industrial companies, including the following AIRE clubs.

The AIRE center is co-financed by the Digital Europe Program of the European Union (European Digital Innovation Hubs or EDIH program) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (AI & Robotics Estonia – EDIH, project number 101083677).

Prepared by: Ingrid Hunt, Tartu Science Park,