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AI & Robotics Estonia (AIRE) invites Estonian manufacturing companies to submit their applications to the call for ideas to boost the competitiveness of the Estonian manufacturing industry. (Y)our future is in (y)our hands!

The AIRE demonstration projects service allows manufacturing companies to test AI and robotics technologies before investing, encouraging further investment in digital technologies. Based on the call for ideas, AIRE’s team provides extensive support for selected demonstration projects, which justifiably leverage AI and AI-enabling technologies (including robotics). The technology, methodology, or prototype tested and validated during the demonstration project must bring novelty and a degree of uncertainty (e.g., a tailor-made solution). The expected results of the AIRE demonstration projects are at least partly reusable in other enterprises and economic sectors.

Kirke Maar leads AIRE. She states that AIRE will not provide financial support to companies. Instead, AIRE supports knowledge transfer from AIRE partner universities to manufacturing companies.

The total cost of a demonstration project defaults up to €60,000. The call for ideas is open all year round, with projects started 3 – 4 times each year. Each project lasts between 6 – 9 months as a default. The first successful applicants will be selected on Thursday, 08/12/2022, between 13:00 – 17:00. Successful applicants can start the demonstration project as soon as January 2023.


To learn more, check the attached Call for Ideas document.

Submit the completed application (together with the CV of the demo project development team lead and other attachments) by emailing

Below, you can also find the following:

Otto Mättas leads the AIRE demonstration projects service. Otto has worked for 13 years as an IT engineer and architect in Estonia and abroad. For the last three years, his focus has been on artificial intelligence, including machine learning, expert systems, and human-computer interaction. Besides developing technical solutions, his focus has been on processes and technology management, also AI ethics and legislation. Otto has created value in the private, public and third sectors. The next step is to bring the Estonian industry to the world stage.