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You know about the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence project planning for the growth of the industrial company’s competitiveness. Investing in the knowledge of how to independently plan an artificial intelligence project can be achieved by participating in the “Practical AI Project Planning Course” offered by the AIRE Center.

In the future, artificial intelligence and data science will be an integral part of competitive business processes. The course, which will take place between February 20 and March 3, 2023, offers value from the planning level of an artificial intelligence project plan that is actually created on the example of your company – where to start and what are the accompanying opportunities and bottlenecks. At the end of this course, under the guidance of lecturers, you will prepare a project plan for implementing an artificial intelligence project in your organization and receive individual feedback with expert suggestions.

The goal of the training is to independently prepare an artificial intelligence project plan using the CRISP-DM model. For each project, individual feedback is shared by trainers.

NB! There is no need to collect or analyze real data for this project. The prerequisite for participating in the course is to have previously completed the course “Planning and execution of an artificial intelligence project in an industrial company” (takes place on 23.01-12.03.2023, register HERE).

➠ See also the VIDEO introducing the training.

Employees of small and medium-sized industrial companies are invited to the course. In case of participation, the company will be granted de minimis aid (VTA) in the amount of €480 per participant (the limit for granting aid is €200,000 per company over three financial years). Up to 2 participants per company are allowed.

The course is aimed at employees of industrial companies who want to familiarize themselves with the possibilities of digitization of production and who have previously completed the basic course “Planning and execution of an artificial intelligence project in an industrial company”. In professions: industrial managers, engineers, foremen and IT specialists, etc.

The training will be conducted by the leaders of the field: Elena Sügis (PhD), lecturer of the data science in the University of Tartu, and Ardi Tampuu (PhD), lecturer of artificial intelligence, and Mari-Liis Allikivi, junior researcher of machine learning at the Institute of Computer Sciences, University of Tartu.

The training is structured on the principle that the participants can easily fit the course into their daily tasks, consisting of the following:
➠ 20.02.2023 introductory webinar (up to 60 minutes);
➠ from independent work in the period 20.-26.02.2023 (up to 8 hours);
➠ Final webinar on 03.03.2023: discussion and individual feedback on course projects (approx. 60 minutes).

Based on the feedback of previous participants, the course helps to understand precisely those topics and bottlenecks that are not yet known and to create a visual overview of how to plan a complete solution for your company from small pieces.

A student who has successfully completed the training:
➠ can plan an artificial intelligence project plan for your company under the guidance of trainers using the CRISP-DM framework;
➠ can “translate” business goals into data analysis goals for your company;
➠ it is possible to assess what data needs to be collected to implement the project;
➠ suitable methods can be discussed;
➠ can plan project evaluation and implementation.

➠ Those who complete the training receive a certificate of advanced training from the University of Tartu.

The deadline for registering for the training is February 15, 2023.

If you want your company to always be up to date with the latest breakthroughs in science, come to a training course introducing the possibilities arising from artificial intelligence!


For more detailed information about the courses, please contact us at 5220426 Helen Jõesaar or

The gateway to AIRE’s services is the company’s digital maturity assessment (DMA) consulting service, which helps map your company’s strengths, bottlenecks and their impact on the company’s operations. By registering for the AIRE training for the first time, the company receives DMA consulting service from IMECC OÜ in terms of minor assistance. Read more HERE. AIRE will contact the company regarding the service after registration.
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WEEK 1 / 20. – 26.02.2023 /

/20.02 at 14.00–15.00/ Webinar: Introduction to the course

Writing an independent project (submission deadline 26.02)

WEEK 2 / 27.02. – 3.03.2023 /

/03.03., at 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m./ Seminar: Individual course project feedback and discussion

At the final seminar, we summarize the material learned and the projects, including common mistakes. In addition, all participants are given individual feedback and the opportunity to discuss their project with the training facilitators.


Elena Sügis, PhD (responsible trainer)

Dr. Elena Sügis is a lecturer with versatile data analysis and teaching experience at the Chair of Data Science at UT. In the private sector and at UT, he has developed software and applied artificial intelligence methods to combine bio and health data according to FAIR data standards. In addition, Elena worked as a quality manager of software development in the project “Application of Personal Medicine in Estonia”, where she developed quality

EDM software for creating medical devices according to European regulations. Today, his main focus is to bring innovative technologies and their application to everyday life. In the framework of this goal, Elena has led the creation of the popular courses “Artificial Intelligence Basic Course”, “Data Science Opportunities in a Business Company”, “How artificial intelligence can support healthcare”, which were attended by more than 4,000 people.

Mari-Liis Allikivi, MSc (PhD in progress)

Mari-Liis Allikivi is a PhD student and junior researcher in machine learning at the University of Tartu. In his research, he investigates how to build reliable machine learning models that are not overconfident and can tell the user when they can’t make a prediction. In the past, Mari-Liis has been involved in bioinformatics and health data analysis. In addition, Mari-Liis has 10 years of teaching experience at the University of Tartu, participating in data science, machine learning, artificial neural networks and many other courses.

Ardi Tampuu, PhD

Ardi Tampuu, the artificial intelligence lecturer at the University of Tartu, has nearly 10 years of experience in applying and teaching data science. Over time, he has moved from mainly scientific topics such as brain data and genomics data analysis to more applied topics such as self-driving vehicles and the application of machine vision to solve real-life problems. In his teaching, it is important for him to give students an understanding of the entire life cycle of a data-based solution, including problems that may arise when implementing solutions into a certain work process. The goal of creating the continuing education trainings “Artificial Intelligence Basic Course” and “Data Science Opportunities in a Business Company” with thousands of participants has been to help ordinary citizens perceive in which problems artificial intelligence could help and what data is needed for it.
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• The gateway to AIRE services (including participation in courses) is the company’s digital maturity assessment consulting service, which is carried out during and after the course. Service introduction HERE.
• It is possible to participate in the course for companies of the target group that have a free balance of minor aid (VTA) (the limit is 200,000 euros per company over three financial years).
• When participating in the course, the company is given minor aid by the state in the amount of €480, per participant.
By registering for the course, the company confirms permission to use the VTA balance for participation, which is non-refundable in case of non-participation in the course (up to 10 working days before the start) or interruption.
• The minimum number of participants for the course is 15.
• Up to 2 people from one company can participate.
• If desired, it is also possible to participate in the course based on an invoice (including employees of large companies). The invoice sent by e-mail must be paid before the start of the training by the payment deadline indicated on the invoice.

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The artificial intelligence and robotics center AIRE (EDIH) is financed by the European Digital Innovation Centers sub-programme of the Digital Europe Program and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (Project no.: 101083677).