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The services provided by the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Center AIRE are based on state aid and de minimis aid provided by the state. This means that participation in the AIRE service (training, consulting) is registered as a minor aid in the state aid register to the extent of the cost of the corresponding service. A VTA of EUR 200,000 is provided for all companies over three years. Read more about minor assistance on the website of the Minsirty of Finance.

AIRE’s services are provided within the scope of minor assistance to Estonian industrial enterprises with a turnover of small to medium size and which are part of the center’s target group.

How to check the VTA balance for a business can be found below.

How to check your VTA (minor aid) budget?

Anyone can check the VTA balance for a company from the register of minor aid on the website of the Ministry of Finance by entering the company’s register code:

If the company has not used any state aid services, the corresponding company is not yet reflected in the register. It is the responsibility of the service provider to enter the provided service into the register along with the amount of VTA used, and after some time the balance of VTA for the company will also be reflected in the register.

The artificial intelligence and robotics center AIRE enters the de minimis aid provided to companies for each holding in the register.

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