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Below is a roadmap to the various services we offer, from the Digital Maturity Assessment to demo projects. As the visual aid describes, problem owners and solution providers join together in collaboration, facilitated by AIRE. The DMA is a prerequisite service for all others.

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Assessments make up out 3 initial services, as outlined above. 

The Digital Maturity Assessment analyzes baseline and prerequisite technologies. 

Upon completion of a DMA, the AI/Robotic Suitability Assessment analyzes your businesses strengths and weaknesses, the efficiency or automation problem you are currently facing, and how best to use AI or robotics to solve it. 

There are many prerequisite technologies that are the foundation for the implementation of AI and robotic solutions. Our first services assess the digital maturity of your business to determine if you are ready for these solutions

Digital Maturity Assessment

DMAs analyse the baseline and prerequisite technologies your company has in place. This is a large, top-level overview to determine if your current digital implementation is friendly to AI or robotics. We look at standardized criteria put in place by the IMECC.

AI/Robotic Assessment

If you “pass” our DMA, then you will recieve an AI/Robotic Assessment. This evaluation is more narrow than the DMA, as we specifically look at what efficiency/automation problems exist in your company, and how AI or robotics could be used to solve them

You can’t have AI/Robotics without prerequisite technologies, and you can’t have prerequisite technologies without baseline technologies

Want to make your business more digitally mature, cost efficient, and automated? Contact us for a DMA! The DMA is the first door you must go through in order to unlock our various trainings, courses, demo projects, and more.