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Artificial intelligence and robotics center AIRE

AIRE brings together industrial companies, solution providers, universities and research parks, all working with dedication towards one goal. AIRE stands for the development and innovation of the entire Estonian industry. designed to increase the competitiveness of Estonian industrial enterprises. Here you can find both inspiration and practical university-born knowledge on how to test and implement artificial intelligence and robotics solutions in your company.

AIRE is part of the EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hubs) network under the leadership of the Estonian state, thanks to which we can bring new knowledge and experience to Estonia from our partners, who are more than 200 centers across Europe.







Join AIRE and be part of the digitalization journey of Estonian industrial companies! Start your journey and contact us by choosing the appropriate form to fill out.
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What specific training is your industrial company interested in?

Share your thoughts and needs with us so that we can design the AIRE program according to the direct needs of companies! Also write down the contact if you want us to inform you about the arrival of the corresponding training.