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In order to increase the digital capacity of Estonian industrial companies, we conduct demo projects where we use artificial intelligence and robotics solutions to overcome the challenges of companies.

Optimizing the production cycle in a robotic workplace

According to the head of the demo project, Madis Moor, the goal of the project is to develop an artificial intelligence-based support solution for optimizing the production process at robot-based workplaces. Alise Technic OÜ decided to undertake the project in the factory in order to achieve high-level results while significantly speeding up the work process. In addition, the productivity of robots, the flexibility of work and the quality of the work performed are under scrutiny. If initially a tailor-made solution is created on the example of a partner company, then what has been learned can also be applied to other robotic workshops, regardless of the industry.

A health monitoring platform for orthopedic aids

The goal of the demo project is to develop a secure health technology platform to connect all orthopedic aids in the future. The topic is broad and there are many problems to be solved, so initially it was decided to pay attention to the example of a scoliosis corset. A sensor that can be attached to a corset and a platform for processing the data received from the sensor have been created. In cooperation with the doctors of Ida-Tallinn Central Hospital, an artificial intelligence component will also be applied to the platform, which could autonomously help the patient recover faster in the future. According to the head of the demo project, Tauno Otto, the platform being created has been universal from the beginning, for example, it is possible to develop the ability to predict the occurrence of trauma in the workplace in the future with the help of artificial intelligence.

Testing of a smart warehouse management system in an industrial company (including development of a digital twin)

According to Juhan Peep Ernitsa, the head of the demo project, the goal of the project is to develop an artificial intelligence system that can monitor products stored on pallets with an accuracy of 2-3 meters, identify products and associate them with real labels. In the company Valdek AS, the system is already in use during development, the artificial intelligence uses surveillance cameras previously installed in the warehouse to see the goods. The success of the project is strongly related to the warehouse staff, who play an important role in teaching the system. It is for this reason that in the future we can see opportunities to implement the solution on a wider scale – it is enough to have great employees and cameras in the room, with which the system can see and learn.

Introduction of autonomous transport robots in the food industry

The purpose of the demo project is to automate the movement of goods in the packing area of the factory in order to increase the logistical speed and production capacity of the factory. The logistics of the packing area of the Kulinaaria OÜ factory will soon be automated and transport robots will be integrated with the company’s ERP system. This makes it possible to manage the movement of materials and goods remotely using a digital twin warehouse. The system created during the project is universal and does not depend too much on the goods being moved, but it is mainly aimed at warehouses and more spacious areas where the paths of people and robots rarely cross.

Autonomous robots for transporting objects through crowded hospital corridors

The goal of the demo project is to develop smart robots that can navigate safely in crowded indoor spaces. The first such modern robots have been validated by transporting patient samples between the intensive care unit of the University of Tartu Clinic and the laboratory. There are no ready-made solutions with similar functionality and safe for humans on the market, so the idea was a good basis for the demo project. In cooperation with the clinic, a scalable solution was created, which is universal and therefore could also find application in other industrial and life areas, regardless of the specific use case and technical platform.

Artificial intelligence-based industrial equipment health monitoring

The goal of the demo project is to develop an artificial intelligence-based solution that can predict production equipment failures and reduce the need for unscheduled maintenance. Development work is currently underway at the factory of Pentamet OÜ, where process control and electrical monitoring systems have already been implemented. The smart monitoring solution created can use artificial intelligence to predict and indicate potentially problematic machines that need preventive maintenance. The developed solution can easily be further developed for implementation in similar industries.

Streamlining the movement trajectory of a service robot using artificial intelligence

The purpose of the demo project is to apply state-of-the-art algorithms to make the work of the service robot smoother and faster. Yanu OÜ has developed a robot waiter that is already actively mixing and serving drinks to customers. At the same time, controlling the movement of the robot arm without pre-planned trajectories would allow the robot to be used much more efficiently. The primary solution is developed for a specific use case on the example of a company, but the solution and its development methodology are more widely applicable to solve many similar problems.